About our food

testSitting down to a hot, tasty meal is something we all look forward to – and satisfying, nourishing food is particularly important for the independence and wellbeing of vulnerable people who may be living alone. We understand that a good meal can be the highlight of the day.

At Oakhouse we’re passionate about creating meals that are both nutritious and really enjoyable to eat - food that doesn’t just fuel the body, but lifts the spirits too. That's why we make all our dishes in the traditional way to our own recipes, to create delicious dishes with a real home cooked taste.

We're constantly tasting and improving our meals to make sure every dish really hits the spot.

Special diets

Many of our customers have a range of special dietary needs and we provide a wealth of information to help each customer find the meals that are right for them. From special diets to meals for smaller appetites, our range of over 300 frozen ready meals and desserts makes it easy for more people to enjoy meals at home.

Smaller Appetites

Appetite can often diminish with age, or because of illness, and full sized meals can be overwhelming and even off putting. Our range of Mini Meals offers a choice of over 70 well-loved recipes in a smaller portion size of around 240g. We also offer weekly menu packs picked exclusively from this range for easy ordering.

Try our food for yourself

There's no better way to assess the quality of our food than by trying it for yourself. We can arrange for your local branch to carry out a tasting session for you and your colleagues - please just get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.