Cooking our meals

Our dishes make it simple to enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal, without any fuss. Each pack includes clear instructions to help customers cook everything through properly for the best results every time. To make life easy we also include handy cooking symbols alongside each dish in our brochure and in our online shop:

Oven cook  Can be cooked in a fan assisted or conventional oven

Microwave cook  Can be cooked in a microwave

Pan cook  Can be pan cooked

Defrost and serve  Simply defrost and serve

Defrost before cooking  Defrost before cooking

Most of our meals can be cooked from frozen, but there are a few which should be thawed first – this will be stated on the packaging. Then they just need to be heated through until they’re piping hot.

Getting the best results

For the majority of dishes, which cooking method to use is entirely up to individual preference, although some dishes simply cook better in the oven - for example our quiches where the customer will be cooking the pastry from fresh. If a meal should be cooked in the oven, it will say on the packaging and in the online product description.

Microwave ovens

We offer 2 microwaves for sale - a 700W and 900W model. These make preparing our meals quick and easy - ideal for carers who need to cook patients a meal as well as carrying out other caring duties within a limited timeframe. Please ask us for more details

Help for the visually impaired

We can also provide large print cooking instructions for each dish in our range, so customers who are visually impaired can still prepare our meals independently. These are available by post or to download.