How we differ from supermarkets

Why we’re not like the supermarkets

Today, most supermarkets offer home delivery of groceries and microwave meals but these services may not always suit the particular needs of older, more vulnerable customers. Our teams are experienced in delivering to those living independently at home and we completely understand that some customers need an extra level of care.

Support with ordering

Many supermarket delivery services offer online ordering only. While you can shop directly from the Oakhouse Foods website, we also know that some of our customers don’t feel confident doing this. That’s why we also take orders over the phone, by post or even in person through our delivery drivers.

Friendly, reliable delivery

We try to make sure food orders are delivered by the same local driver, at the same time each week. That way, they become a familiar face, and can really get to know the customer and their needs.

A helping hand

Our drivers are always happy to go the extra mile to assist our customers, whether that’s helping them complete their next order form, or putting food away in the freezer or kitchen cupboards, if asked. They’ll never just drop something at the door and leave.