More than meals on wheels

With Meals on Wheels services in decline across the country and an increased focus on personalisation, many customers and supporting professionals are looking for something that fully supports independent living at home. At Oakhouse Foods we have been delivering to elderly and vulnerable people at home for over 20 years and we understand the balance of quality, convenience, affordability and choice that our customers want.

More choice

Unlike a fixed-menu Meals on Wheels service, Oakhouse Foods offers a range of over 300 ready meals and desserts, all frozen for convenience and ready to pop in the oven or microwave. This means there’s usually plenty to choose from regardless of individual dietary requirements – making it simple to create varied, appetising menus. We've also made it easy for customers to choose the meals that suit them - find out more about how we cater for Special Diets and how we can help with Nutritional Management.

Greater freedom

Having a stock of ready meals in the freezer, rather than relying on a daily hot meal delivery, gives people the independence to eat when they wish. This can be particularly helpful for those with smaller appetites, who may find it easier to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Order as and when you want

We understand that different people require different levels of support from us – some may order every week, others only when they want a little extra help in the kitchen. So there’s no obligation to make regular orders. We’ll be there when our customers need us.