MSG and other additives

Good nutrition is vital for good health, and particularly for those who may be elderly, vulnerable or in poor health.

We’ve worked hard to create meals that not only taste good, but offer proper nourishment too. Our meals are made with wholesome, store cupboard foods and we have taken care to remove unwanted ingredients from our food. You won’t find MSG in any of our dishes and we have also taken out all artificial colours and flavourings from every single one. Most of our meals are completely free from hydrogenated fats too.

We believe that ready meals can be just as tasty as a meal you would cook at home – and made from the same proper ingredients.

Nutritional data

If you’d like to know more about our food you’ll find full ingredients listings and nutritional information for each dish in our online shop, and we can also provide printed copies of our nutritional data on request.

Try our food for yourself

There's no better way to assess the quality of our food than by trying it for yourself. If you would like a tasting session for you and your colleagues please just get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.