PDF downloads

Helpful resources to download

Here you can download PDF copies of handy information about our food. Choose from nutritional summaries of our meals and desserts to Free From lists for simple menu planning.

Download our 'Made Without' menus

For added reassurance, we also provide a comprehensive range of 'Made Without' dishes.
To find dishes that suit your specific dietry needs, our 'Made Without' menus cover the major allergens and provide a simple, at-a-glance way to find the dishes that match any particular requirements:

To view all of our 'Made Without' dishes in one view, why not download our useful: ‘Made Without’ menus... meal planner?

Healthier diets

For a list of all of our products which meet Healthier dietry requirements, the following will provide a quick reference guide;

Large print materials

We want to help in whatever way we can and make sure our content is accessible to everyone. You can download large print copies of our order forms and cooking instructions below, or you can request printed versions.

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