Texture modified meals & desserts

Texture C Pureed Ready Meals


Food should be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but those with dietary restrictions can often find the options available to them all too limited. As well as dishes for a whole host of special diets, at Oakhouse Foods we offer an appetising choice of texture modified dishes alongside our main range, allowing you to bring more variety to the table – and enjoyment back to mealtimes.

Puréed dishes 

We offer a selection of 37 texture modified and reshaped dishes for anyone following a Texture C diet, all approved by the NHS. These dishes offer a more appetising alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing, including:

  • patients recovering from surgery or a stroke
  • patients undergoing treatment for mouth or throat cancers
  • patients with dementia and other neurological conditions

All the meals in our puréed range are prepared with specialist machinery to ensure they have a smooth, consistent texture, before being reshaped to make them more appetising. This means the meals retain their shape when cooked, but can be easily broken down with a spoon, making eating simpler for those with dysphagia. See our full range of Puréed Meals & Desserts.

A helping hand for carers

Our frozen ready meals can be a useful, time saving resource for carers, and our texture modified range is no different. Having a stock of them in the freezer can mean meals don’t have to be prepared from scratch each day, and give the added peace of mind that everything on the plate is the right texture.

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